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Service and Pricing

Engraving service

Baldur laser provides a wide range of engraving services on a variety of different materials and mediums. See our list under What we do to see what materials we can cut, engrave, or mark.

Each job is different and most require an individualized bid, however, to get an idea of cost we have a standard price break down as follows:

Set up: $25 (includes first small job engraving and quick graphics design fixes)

Time: $1 per minute of laser time. ($7 min)

Vectorizing image: $25 an hr. this includes big fixes to the graphics and getting them ready for print.

Cerakote application

Proud to announce that we are doing Cerakote in association with Area-15 in Gilbert, AZ!

We offer a one stop alternative for stippling and cerakote. 



            Cerakote / Stippling package

    Glock Frame Single color and laser            stippling package - $200

battleship grey.jpg

Laser Stippling and Stencils

As our name suggests, we love to laser engrave stuff. Firearms are no exception. Currently we are providing laser stippling services for Glock brand pistols only.  We will branch out to other manufacturers in the future. 

Our laser is perfect for cutting intricate stencils for use with Cerakote ceramic powder coating. We can design, cut and apply just about any graphic you can think up. Contact one of our designers to begin working up the perfect stencils to create a one of a kind look that fits your personality.

Below is a list of some of our basic laser stippling price options to help you estimate the ballpark cost for your project.

 $110 left and right side. 

Add ons with Stippling project:

Graphic imbedded in stippling - +$30 single sided

Double sided graphic (same image) - +$40

Double sided different graphics - +$50


*Graphics may require extra charges depending on the type of file provided by the client. Contact our  graphic designers and they will walk you through the design process.

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