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What we do


There are many different types and brands of lasers out on the market. Here at Baldur laser we use top of the line CO2 computer controlled lasers. These give use the ability to cut, engrave and mark a wide range of different mediums. This chart gives a short list of what materials our laser can and cannot work with.  If you are in doubt as to whether or not we can engrave your item, please contact us and ask. Many times we can find a solution and get your project completed.

We will engrave almost any image or wording that our clients wish. Our only restriction lies with copyrighted images. Lets face it, you don't want to be sued by the NFL or Disney and neither do we. 

Images need to be in a "Vector" file also referred to as "print ready". These are scalable images which do not lose resolution when zoomed in. Typically these file extensions are .ai / .cdr/ .eps. File extensions of .jpg or .gif will not engrave well. If you have doubts about your image please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.

Firearms customization

Through hours of experimentation (and a few brave firearms willing to sacrifice themselves to the cause) we have been able to develop a method for laser engraving stippling and graphics into a polymer frame using a CO2 laser. The stippling provides great individuality to an otherwise ordinary firearm while also providing an excellent gripping surface for firearm retention. The laser is also perfectly suited to cut out stencils which can be combined with our cerakote to produce mesmerizing graphics on the project. As always everything we do is customized to the client. If you can think it up we can produce the results you desire.  

Firearms sales

Baldur laser is a licensed firearms dealer / manufacturer that prides itself on rescuing poor unwanted firearms who have been abandoned in pawn shops  or discount gun dealers. We give these poor rescues some love and  attention then find them good homes with a new loving owner.

But seriously, we inspect all second hand firearms for defects or worn parts and replace them as needed. We then treat them to a new paint job in the form of a cerakote coating and then some laser stippling. Occasionally we go a bit overboard on the stippling and graphic design as well as replacing internal parts for performance enhancement. Check the store often as these beautiful completed firearms don't last long on the shelf.

* See our policies concerning firearms purchases, in state transfers, and out of state transfers.

Promotional items

Weather you are working as a real estate agent and looking for that perfect thank you gift after closing a home sale, or you are in the marketing department for large company looking to stock up on give away gifts for trade booths, we have you covered. We carry a wide range of customizable items that will meet every need. We have provided various different corporate items for all different occasions, from employee of the month 30 oz drink tumblers, to large bulk orders of key chains and cell phone holders for events. Looking for something special? Contact us and let us find those perfect products and personalize them so that your company stands out from the crowd.

Engraving and original creations

Perfect gifts are hard to find. How does someone show that they put thought into a present for the wife, husband, mother or father? Personalize it. Let us engrave your gift with a personal message that turns an ordinary gift into a keepsake. 

Can't find a good gift? We have plenty of ideas in our gift section. All items are able to be customized with whatever graphics, logos, or designs that you could ever want. Maybe you have an idea that you can't find anywhere. Describe what you've been looking for to one of our designers and have us make it from scratch. The majority of our wooden creations started out as an idea that was turned into an original Baldur laser creation. Check our gift section often as we are constantly creating new products and updating and improving older items.

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