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We love working on firearms at Baldur Laser!

From adding some stippling to the frame of your favorite polymer Glock to a complete custom slide filigree pattern there isn't much we can't do. 

Because there is so much customization involved with Firearms work we encourage you to call and chat with us about your project. It's really the only way to get a good idea of what you want and it gives us a chance to walk you through the design process. It may seem complicated but we've ironed out all the bumps and have found the process is pretty quick. 

Turn around times on firearms is measured in days not weeks at Baldur Laser. So keep that in mind while looking around for a shop to get your work done.

Stippling Start

Bad hand-stippling? Or maybe you just want some better grip in the hot Arizona climate. Laser engraving gives a clean look with  endless options for customization.

This was one of our favorite restorations. The original Hand-stippling job did provide a great grip, however, it wasn't the prettiest thing to look at.


Wooden Stocks

Got a rifle you want personalized? We can do it for you. 

One of the  most popular request is for a personalized engraving for a son or daughter's first rifle.  Laser engraving gives us the opportunity to not only add names and dates to the rife, but to add graphics and logos as well. 


NFA and Trust Markings

With all the changes lately coming down from the ATF we choose to engrave NFA, SOT, and Trust info for you while you wait. It just makes life easier.

Give us a call and let us know when you'll be in. Bring the item that needs engraving and the ATF Form and we'll get-r-done.

It Usually takes about 10-15 minutes on most Firearms. 


Stippling Results

We were able to shave down the hand-stippling and place some really nice basket weave in its place. 

Still provides excellent grip but now it looks good too.


Personalized Slides

Our 50 W fiber laser makes quick work on these slides. Adding names or quotes to a slide makes it stand out in a crowd.  Or go crazy and get the entire slide engraved in a full custom filigree pattern.


AR-15 Mag wells

Anodized aluminum comes out great when marked with a laser. One of the most popular spots is the mag well on the AR-15 platform . We have plenty of artwork to pick from here in the shop or you can contact us and we can work something up from scratch.


Tell us about your project

When you're in need of a dependable Laser Cutting or Engraving Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Baldur Laser today. We love pushing the laser to the edge of its capabilities.


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