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Custom Engravings 

Obviously a large part of our business is personalization and custom engravings. Why purchase an item for yourself or a gift for a loved one that looks identical to 1000's of other mass produced items.

Adding a small name or favorite quote to a gift will elevate it from mediocre to outstanding, and its not as difficult or as expensive as you'd think. Typically these types of engravings can be done in as little as a day or two.


Model "A" hub caps

Not all engravings are for gifts. Sometimes getting a little customization to an ordinary item can really make or break the project.

These Model A hub caps were engraved for a customer's antique car rebuild. They look great but look even better on the vehicle. The best part is no one else has something similar.

Whiskey Bottle

Yes we can engrave a whiskey bottle! No i cannot sell you the whiskey need to get the bottle and bring it in. I don't have a liquor license.

These bottle engravings are perfect for Birthdays, promotions, or any other special occation.


Trauma shears

As a gift for a soon to be EMT or Paramedic you can't go wrong with trauma shears.

To ensure that they don't get misplaced get them engraved. 

LDS Missionary Water Bottle

So someone in the ward is leaving on their Mission and you don't know what to get them as a farewell gift. A Water Bottle engraved with their Mission name and favorite scripture quote is a great bet. They'll need a good sized bottle with all the miles they'll be biking wherever they happen to end up.

LDS Bottle.jpg

Luggage tags

If you're going to get a luggage tag at least make it original. Custom designs and more font choices than i can list. We can make that tag stand out.

Bow String Release

This was a great addition to a Fathers day present from a little one to Dad. The engraving came out perfect and I'm sure Dad will smile every time he draw the bow.


Sports Gear

Commemorative Baseballs for the teams 2021 season. The kids loved it.

Watch Engraving

Yes we can and do engrave the backs of watches. They come out looking great and the deep engraving ensures it'll be there forever.


Engraving on a customers property is tricky. Some items are a challenge to get engraved but we like a challenge here!

Not all items can be engraved; even with our wide range of capabilities, but if we can't mark it we'll have a suggestion or alternative. So give us a call and let us know about your project.

Tell us about your project

When you're in need of a dependable Laser Cutting or Engraving Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Baldur Laser today. We love pushing the laser to the edge of its capabilities.


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