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Gifts and Unique Items
from Baldur Laser

Running a Computer controlled Laser Is fun. Yes its a job but its still fun to play with. Whenever we get a spare moment we are always trying to create fun little things with it. Which is good for you as we can actually pass some of these onto you...when they work out of course.

Check out some of the products we've made in the shop. Who knows you may see something you like.

As with everything in this store, we can alter or personalize anything you want. Say you like the tissue box but would rather have Celtic designs instead of Kokopelli. No problem just send us an email and make a request.

These are just a quick sample of what we can make. We are continually coming up with new designs and fun little things for around the house. Check back often to see what we come up with next.

Tell us about your project

When you're in need of a dependable Laser Cutting or Engraving Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Baldur Laser today. We love pushing the laser to the edge of its capabilities.


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30 oz custom cup tumbler

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